The Pygmy Pineapple: The story begins..

In 2012, our dream to build a venue of generous hospitality developed. We planned to champion what Dorset and the surrounding areas has to offer, forever changing with the seasons.
Using excellent produce which we grow in our own back garden, staying true to what the seasons provide and lowering our impact on the environment. We ultimately wanted to give something back. We are very passionate about food, and we serve British seasonal dishes inspired by what food is available in the local area. Each dish is lovingly prepared by our highly experienced chefs, incorporating flavours from the seasons.

With sustainability are the forefront of our minds, we set about building the venue. Inside, over 60% of the wood used is upcycled and a living wall has been installed to purify the air whilst offering a soothing and relaxing visual to customers and staff alike. Other aspects of the interior are inspired by a multitude of styles and flavours: classic victorian country manors, scandinavian shabby chic and classic intimate bar settings. Resulting in a bold and fresh venue, that sets itself aside from its neighbours.

The name ‘Pygmy Pineapple’ comes from our modest stature and our promise to provide a warm, giving and hospitable location to enjoy yourself. Throughout the 1700s and 1800s, artists depicted pineapples to symbolise hospitality and generosity. The pineapple was considered a luxury item as it was expensive to transit from the tropics to Europe. Affluent colonists would throw dinner parties and display a pineapple as the centerpiece as a symbol of their stature.


Our cocktail menu has been broken up into the holy trinity of three: Seasonal Classics, Bartenders Expressions and Bar Life Concoctions. Seasonal Classics are our new seasonal take on classic cocktails that we all know and love.

Bartenders Expressions is where the lovely hosts of the Pygmy Pineapple show off their skills and creativity bringing you outstanding cocktails that will stimulate and excite.

The Bar Life Concoctions, are a community effort from the best bartenders around town, that come and collaborate with the Pygmy Pineapple crew and we all work together to create a brilliant libation to enjoy at the Pygmy or the guest bartender’s own bar.