The Pygmy Pineapple: What makes us sustainable?

Sustainability, by definition, is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion. When building Pygmy Pineapple, we had sustainability at the forefront of our minds as we wanted to create something unique and beautiful, without having a big impact on our surroundings.
Whether it’s a special occasion, an opportunity for friends to catch up, or a pleasant start to a lazy weekend day, Brunch is a meal for relaxation and good company.

Previous to us the venue was also a restaurant, so instead of clearing the whole space out, we took the time to salvage as much of the wood as we could to transform the space in to what you see it as now. We also visited other building sites and upcycled old bits of wood that wouldn’t have otherwise been used. This resulted in 60% of the wood in the building being reclaimed, giving us the stepping stones to being more sustainable.

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting our outside space you will see the remains of an old boat being used as a decorative feature. This we were kindly donated, and adds a homely yet individual feel to an already delightful space. We consider this a highlight of the venue!

We are incredibly lucky to have a large back garden which we quickly came to realise was a great space to grow our own food. We installed seven raised flower beds where we are starting to grow food to cook in our very own kitchen, for all our customers to enjoy.

Currently growing in the beds are: broad beans, garlic, cauliflower, onion, turnips, new potatoes, gypsophila, salad leaves and poppy seeds.

Where we can’t grow our own ingredients, we make a conscientious decision to shop locally. Championing what the surrounding area has to offer and supporting other local businesses.

Whilst we believe there’s always more work to do to protect our environment, we are proud of the steps we are making and will strive to improve.